We Are Getting Ready for the ‘Bayburt Stone and Tile’ Exhibition

Kenan Yavuz Culture House, rising as a gift to the geography where businessman Kenan Yavuz was born, continues to add value to Bayburt.

Kenan Yavuz Culture House, which has opened the door to many events since 2015, is preparing for the Bayburt Stone and Tile exhibition, which will open in July.

A special example of Ottoman architecture, the work carried out by the stonemason Ömer Kırmızı, who is known for his reconstruction of the historical Mostar Bridge, one of the symbols of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has reached its final stage.

In Kenan Yavuz Culture House, where the Bayburt Stone samples to be exhibited were mounted to their places within the scope of the project, the exhibition, which is considered to be an inspiration for the project, especially in the Bayburt Castle, which is famous for its tiles in the past, will be visited throughout the summer season.

Kenan Yavuz Culture House, which will fill an important place in the International Dede Korkut Culture and Art Festivals, will also take place in the evening of the opening of the exhibition.

Will host nearly 50 journalists

On the other hand, Kenan Yavuz Culture House will open its doors to nearly 50 journalists on the weekend. The regional journalists who will come to Bayburt to attend the 3rd Ordinary General Assembly Congress of the Black Sea Journalists Federation, which will be hosted by the Bayburt Journalists Association, includes a visit to Kenan Yavuz Culture House.


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