Spectacular Threshing Festival at the European Museum of the Year


The “Traditional Blend Festival” was held at the Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum, which was established with the aim of bringing the forgotten beauties of Anatolia to the present day and making the depth of culture visible.

Bayburt Post – Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum, which received the SILLETTO grand prize in the Cultural Heritage category in 2021 and became the Museum of the Year in Europe, consists of 26 different venues on an area of ​​15 thousand square meters in the village of Beşpınar, Bayburt. The museum, which was built with stones and wood collected from the ruined houses in the villages, was declared the Museum of the Year in Europe by the European Museum Forum on the grounds that its original and simple structure, making the cultural heritage visible and making economic and social contribution by acting together with the local people. The annual Harman Festival is held with the participation of museum guests and local people. During the festival, wheat is harvested using tools from 100 years ago. Coming to Us, Living Us, Back to the Roots and Living Museum mottos

Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum draws attention with its new approach to museology and tourism. In this year’s festival, museum visitors and guests enjoyed the joy of participating in the blend festival and putting their effort into playing the bar to the accompaniment of drums and horns.

Museum Founder Kenan Yavuz: “We act with the understanding of the Living Museum and organize events every year in a way that brings the traditions that symbolize the social life of Anatolia, which have sunk into oblivion, to our day. One of these events is the Harman Festival.

Anatolia; It is the civilization center of the world. Sharing is the foundation of our civilization. Anatolia is the name of holding the hand of the fallen and lifting the rest. We strive to keep our tradition of sharing and helping each other alive with the blend festival we organize in a collaborative fashion. In this context, we cut the scythe, pull the rake, thresh the wheat we collect, plow and harvest the wheat to the accompaniment of folk songs in the wheat field.” Yavuz said, “The museum that we established in my village to pay my debt of loyalty to the land where I was born as a Social Responsibility project, was accepted in international platforms and met with the most prestigious award in the world, so the message that this humble work wanted to convey reached wide audiences. We are faced with great interest from domestic and foreign tourists.

Despite the pandemic process, 25 thousand people visited our museum as of the end of August 2021. We bring our incoming visitors together with our events and try to get a place in the minds of our young people. The fact that we are welcomed with great interest by all segments of the society gives us a different excitement. We try to organize special events for our guests staying in Loru Han, our accommodation facility that we established due to our distance from the city center, and try to ensure that they leave here as cultural ambassadors.

We are striving to be the pioneer of eco tourism, experience and cultural tourism with activities such as Hedik festival, tandoori festival, wedding tradition in village house, mouth bar, rosehip gathering festival, every night, nature walks, visiting the historical and natural places of Bayburt and the region.” spoke. Kenan Yavuz stated that the festival will continue throughout September and that he invites everyone to share this beauty; “Every inch of Anatolia is a magnificent richness consisting of the patterns of the same rug, we have to explain and make visible these riches to our youth and the whole world in a systematic structure. The way to deepen our cultural richness is to make our unforgettable beauties visible.”


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