Ministry Registered 19 Museums in 2019, One in Bayburt

Turkey in 2019 opened 19 new private museums. One of them is the ethnography museum established by businessman Kenan Yavuz in Beşpınar.

Bayburt Post – The project, which was realized by business man Kenan Yavuz, hosted various events as a new cultural station in Anatolia as of summer 2015. The project, which was planned as a culture house, expanded with new areas that it added to its structure over time, and made a significant contribution to the promotion of Bayburt with its activities, was registered as Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2019.

Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum, which undertakes the task of preserving the “old life” in the village of Beşpınar and making it visible in the “new life”; It is in an ‘Anatolian plateau’ position with its traditional village houses, mills, mansion, amphitheater, movie theater, library, local kitchen workshop, village coffee house, indoor and outdoor museum that contains the traces of rural life. This project, which was brought into life with the personal initiatives of Kenan Yavuz, who was born and raised in the village of Beşpınar in Bayburt and wants to introduce the traditional life that is under the threat of modernization and concretization to future generations, aims to preserve the past values ​​of Turkish society without losing their former naturalness and to transfer them to future generations.

Children’s Festival in the summer of 2020
Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum, which will open its doors to the children’s festival in the 2020 season, will make this event traditional. Within the scope of Children’s Festival, which will be realized in cooperation with Bayburt Directorate of National Education; There will be a music choir, fairy tales, quiz and traditional plays.

19 museums registered by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are as follows:

1- Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum – Bayburt

2- Arnavutköy Local History Museum – Istanbul

3- Hilye-i Şerif and Rosary Museum – Istanbul

4- Lady Sultans Museum – Istanbul

5- Museum Evliyagil Museum – Ankara

6- Turkey Business Bank Economic Independence Museum – Ankara

7- Türkpusat Traditional Turkish Archery and War Tools Museum – Ankara

8- Hamiye Çolakoğlu Ceramic Museum – Ankara

9- Cin Ali Museum – Ankara

10- Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy Museum – Ankara

11- Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum – Bursa

12- Bursa Health History Museum – Bursa

13- Literature Museum – Bursa

14- Mysia Photography Museum – Bursa

15- Tülomsaş Museum – Bursa

16- Odunpazarı Modern Museum – Eskisehir

17- Panorama 25 December Gaziantep Defense Heroic Panorama and Museum – Gaziantep

18- Kadirli City Museum – Kadirli / Osmaniye

19- Uzungöl Dursun Ali İnan Museum – Çaykara / Trabzon


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