Energy Gives Way to Turkey, electic Doing Vacation Home

President of SOCAR Turkey Kenan Yavuz, electricity and no water, by rebuilding his father’s house where he was born and raised in the period in accordance with the original material, using this house in the country when the time comes.

Yavuz told Anadolu Agency (AA) that there was no electricity and water in the houses when he was born and raised in Beşpınar village in Demirözü district of Bayburt.

Stating that they traveled 40 kilometers from the village to Bayburt in 4 hours by truck at that time, Yavuz said, “In winter, the roads were closed, we could go by sledding. There was a primary school in our village, there was no secondary school and afterwards. Thank goodness we got the opportunity, “he said.

Stating that traditional life is gradually disappearing, especially in Anatolia and Anatolian villages, Yavuz said that all the historical accumulation of Turkish society in the houses that were born and grown in the traditional life in the villages has disappeared in this sense.

Yavuz stated that modernization and concreting have destroyed this traditional structure and stated that he wanted to realize a structuring in his village that would show that traditional life to future generations.

Stating that Turkish society aims to pass on the values ​​of the past to the next generations, Yavuz said, “This structure is exactly the same house where I was born and raised, my grandfather, grandmother, father and mother lived together. There is no electricity, no water, the toilet is outside. Two rooms, tandoori, warehouses, life. “I tried to put all the items in their original form,” he said.

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