We Enter the White Screen with “White Sorrow”

The trailer of the movie titled “Beyaz Hüzün”, which we hosted for shooting, has been released and it is released in December.

The movie trailer of the movie titled ‘White Sorrow’, which started to be shot in 2018, was released on the Sarıkamış events.

In the shootings, the house of our founder, businessman Kenan Yavuz, which was 100 years old and was destroyed in time, was replaced by the materials of that period, which had no electricity and water.

Kenan Korkmaz, one of the production directors of the film, stated that there are few interior scenes in the film, but they have to find a good place to reflect that period and that texture, saying that this area in Beşpınar village is a good plateau for this work.

Stating that this house, which was rebuilt by businessman Kenan Yavuz, reflects the traces of the past very well, Korkmaz said, “The interiors that reflect that period very well have been established here as a plateau. It was very convenient for us. We chose this place because it is a venue.

In the movie, written and directed by Kenan Korkmaz; Murat Yatman, Duygu Poyraz, Şenol Kara, Edip Tutal, Yavuz Gürbüz and Ali Poyraz were cast.

Summary of the film

Ayberk took refuge in Anatolian lands with his mother during the Great Circassian exile. But he cannot succumb to destiny and loses his mother in a mosque corner. Ayberk, who was left alone and took refuge in Ottoman lands, decides to continue his life as a soldier. Painfully feeling the defeat of the Balkan War, Ayberk sets out for the Sarıkamış Operation. His only aim is to deliver the troops affiliated to him to Sarıkamış.


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