Tradational Bazaar


“Ahilik is the name of a tradition that forms the leaven of the Anatolian lands, has a high moral level, established its professional practice on the concepts of justice, compassion and honesty. The traditional bazaar that we have created in our museum by bringing together the memories of people who performed their professions in our village between 1930 and 1990 with their places aims to carry the tradition of small artisans decimated by modernity to the present day with all its warmth and conversation.
The bazaar, which we built based on life, is also a concrete indicator of the understanding of the museum that integrates with the local population.
Humanity is disappearing by turning into robots that consume in the huge shopping centers of cities, grocery stores, department stores and on the streets.
However, in the old days, everyone knew each other in these bazaars, even without money in their pocket, they could shop. These little shops are also places for conversation.
The modern world has turned man into a consuming beast.
Our museum was established to be a place for those who want to stand out from the human grinding gears of the modern world.
Our traditional bazaar, which we have implemented in order to carry the warm places to the present day and to emphasize the virtue of small tradesmen and professional people, become one of the most favorite places of our visitors.
We must resist our beauties, which should not change, so as not to overwhelm the mechanical world.
The modern world is not a way of life to be taken seriously. Because there are no people in it.
A world where only things exist cannot bring people together with happiness, and it has not been able to meet them anyway.
Now is the time to meet our roots.”



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