The crew of the movie “Beyaz Hüzün” shot in Bayburt

The crew of the movie “Beyaz Hüzün” shot in Bayburt

The film’s producer directors Kenan Korkmaz and Suat Ergin and the actors came to Beşpınar village in Demirözü district of Bayburt from Erzincan, where they started filming the film.

In the shootings, the house of Kenan Yavuz, a businessman from Bayburt, was used instead of his father’s house, which was about 100 years old and was destroyed in time, using the materials of that period, and had no electricity and water.

Korkmaz, one of the producer directors of the film, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that there are few interior scenes in the film, but they have to find a good place to reflect that period and that texture, and said that this area in Beşpınar village is a good plateau for this work.

Stating that this house, which was rebuilt by businessman Kenan Yavuz, reflects the traces of the past very well, Korkmaz said, “The interiors that reflect that period very well were almost established here as a plateau. It was very convenient for us. It was far from us in terms of transportation, but a place worth it, we chose this place because it is a venue. ” said. Noting that Sarıkamış has been the subject of several films before, Korkmaz continued as follows:

“We set out with the idea that there will be a difference. It will be a movie with more external scenes, the frame of the soldier scenes is wide, it will be crowded. It is difficult to shoot external scenes. It will be a motion picture with few interiors and lots of external scenes. We looked from a wider perspective in order to convey the memory of our martyrs, 36 thousand according to some, 90 thousand according to some, more than others, to the big screen. ”

Noting that they want it to be a movie that audiences from all walks of life will like, Korkmaz said, “We want it to dominate a wide audience and to be liked by a wide audience, but of course, we are mainly after an audience that follows, watches, and likes movies of the period. We want to make that audience happy. We aim to bring people who are distant from their movies closer, to make them love the movies of the period, to make them like historical films, and therefore to make our history. ” he spoke.

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