The Brides’s Room



Our house was one-room when my mother came to the bride. Since my father was the only brother of 8 sisters, he was the darling of our house.
My mother was a 16-year-old child when my grandfather asked for my mother from her uncle Faik Bey. My father is a 17-year-old boy. Faik Bey did not want to give his daughter to the Scholar because she was too young, but his living relative Şamil Ağa was the one who wanted his daughter.
He thought about what I should do, moved out, consulted for a long time with his brother Sadik Bey and his wife Reyhane Hanım, and finally found a formula not to break Şamil Ağa’s heart. Thanks to the formula he found, he would not give up his daughter and would not break Şamil Ağa’s heart.
-Şamil, I’ll give my daughter to your son, but I have one condition.
-Here you are, uncle, I’m on my head.
-You know, my daughter grew up spoiled, we didn’t touch her hand from hot to cold water. I don’t want her to have financial problems at the house where she is the bride, so I would like five pieces of gold everywhere and 2 pieces of gold with her as the title money.
In the 1950s, five gold coins and an additional two gold coins, that is, a total of 7 full gold coins, were a great fortune. But just because my father made me do it, the only son of the house, you have to do what you want.
Whatever Şamil Ağa’s did, he went and sold two oxen of the house, sold everything that could be sold in the palm of his hand.
And he borrowed some money, collected the title money.
Faik bey was very surprised, he was shocked that he thought that he would somehow not find the title money, but he had to give it to the girl.
Here is my mother, Alime Hanım, who suddenly found herself in another house as a bride while playing games on the street.
This room was added to the house as an after-bride room. Alime Hanım and Mecit Bey had exactly 7 children. The wedding gifts given by Alime Hanım’s father are kept as rare items of the bride’s room.”



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