World War I resulted in the defeat of the Ottoman Empire on all fronts. In place of the dissolved empire, the modern Republic of Turkey was established under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. During World War I, Russian armies advanced to the interior of Anatolia and Bayburt was also occupied.
This region was also inhabited by a large Armenian population at that time. Some of the Armenians who have lived in friendship and peace with the Turks for centuries have been involved in major terrorist acts in the region under the umbrella of the paramilitary gangs they have established and the Russian army. As there is no mechanism to protect the civilian population, the people who were left unprotected were forced to migrate to Central Anatolia.
In 1915, Faik aged 10 and Sadik aged 8 were two brothers. Their father, Haji Hafiz Mehmet Efendi, takes his family and leaves at midnight to emigrate to Yozgat. After many months of traveling, accompanied by children, they arrive in the Yerkoy district of Yozgat. During the migration, two orphaned brothers, Hacı Hafız Mehmet Efendi and Adife Hanım, Sait and Faik’s fathers, were given to Sivas boarding vocational school because their mother died on the way. Two brothers who learned tailoring at this school, after returning to their villages, worked as tailors in addition to farming.
All the works found in the tailor shop belong to the Faik and Sadik brothers.”

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