Dr. Feride ÇelikSanat Danışmanı

I completed my undergraduate education at Marmara University Faculty of Business Administration. I completed my master’s degree at Yeditepe University Art Management Department with a thesis under the supervision of Marcus Graf. My thesis title is “Within the Scope of 2010 Istanbul European Capital of Culture: Portable Art.”
I finished the Art Science Doctorate program at Işık University. Prof. I wrote the thesis titled “The Perception of Individual and Space in Internal Migration Films in Turkish Cinema (1960-2009)” under the supervision of Balkan Naci İslimyeli.
I worked as an art consultant and exhibition curator at the “Deyim Sanat” Gallery. I also realized an art project under the title of “Edible Art” for the “Gallery” gallery. I am still curating art projects and exhibitions with “Our Gallery” and other galleries.
I am a project coordinator at the European Parliamentary Assembly Award-winning Baksı Museum and a board member at the Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation.
I also provide art consultancy services to tourism companies such as Sofos and Lika Travel, as well as painting analysis and modern art trends in culture and art platforms such as Seven Culture and Art, L’atelier, Artkolik, Toy Museum, Studio Masterpiece, Narmanlı Sanat and Co-11 Industry.


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