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Soldiers Suitcase

Work Description

The lock and handle parts of a rectangular suitcase with a lid are made of iron material.


Wood – Sheet – Leather


20th century




” The name of the young men who came to military age in Anatolia is known as hennaed lamb
(lamb traditionally representing something to be sacrificed for God). Lovers say goodbye to their
loved ones, at the age so young that they have just begun seeing their moustache grow. In the old
days, the age of marriage was in early 20s. Many young people got married before they go to the
military, so the work that would be carried by men, would need to be carried by their wives whilst
their husbands are at service.
Suitcases are prepared from the evening; the shaving kit, towel, spare underwear, woolen sweater
and woolen socks woven by theirmother, spare shoes, if any, who knows, maybe a small musical
instrument for playing and singing to remember your lover by, maybe a handkerchief that was
To say goodbye, neighbors and relatives walk around, hands are kissed. But the most difficult
farewell is made with lover. Especially in times of war, separation is another name for going to
A soldier’s suitcase is a journey of longing. It is a step taken with fear to unknown circumstances.
How well does the Yemeni Folk song tell about the soldier’s suitcase:
There is a redif sound in front of the barracks
Look what he has in his bag
He has a pair of shoes and a hat
Oh, that’s Yemen
The rose is a caraway
It’s a wonder for us all
That why those who leave, never come back.”

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