Scythe Festival at Kenen Yavuz Ethnography Museum

The Scythe Festival was held at the Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum, which was selected as the museum of the year in Europe.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 13:12 1 Bayburt Post – The annual festival, which is held regularly, once again attracted great attention. In the event, the scythe was drawn with the songs sung, bars were played on the roofs accompanied by drums and clarions. Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum Founder Kenan Yavuz, in his statement about the event, stated that they organize a scythe festival every year to remind the tradition of imece and said, “İmece; it is the name of sharing, helping, holding the hand of the rest.
It is the light of Anatolia scattered to the world. We established our museum to carry our forgotten traditions to the present. We have become the museum of the year in Europe by receiving the most valuable award in the world for our success in making visible the beauties existing in our cultural depth.” Yavuz stated that there has been a significant increase in the number of visitors to the museum this year, adding that they have solved the accommodation problem together with Loru Han and that the number of weekly visitors to the museum has exceeded 5 thousand. “We stayed in Anatolia,
We stayed in Bayburt, we remained, we became the eunuchs of our own land and culture without imitating anyone or anyone else,” said Yavuz, “Our girls danced from the chimney of our mill and our boys from the chimney of our village house. We said that beauty multiplies by sharing and we will continue to share. We have made visible our mouth bar tradition, our tradition of holding the hand of those left behind while living together.”


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