Rosary and Cufflinks


20th century


The only souvenirs left from my father were cufflinks and Amber rosaries.
It was a beautiful memory that lasted for three generations from my grandfather to my father and from my father to his grandson. These cufflinks, which were given as a gift from my grandmother to my grandfather at his wedding, were very precious. A long time ago, they used to tie their cuffs with ribbon and rope. Every time we chatted with my grandfather, he used to say that everything was precious back then. Even if there were a few of everything today, it was not worth it. Everything was better before. My grandfather used to say that something was either black or white. I think memories are personal. It makes me very happy that a small gift has come to three generations.
Everyone has a good or bad story. Those who leave good memories are well remembered. There are no meaningless memories. The rosaries left by my father were very valuable because he would never let them go. Although he had numerous rosary collections, he would add a new one to his collection every day. Valuable things vary according to people, the value of something depends on the importance given to it. My father used to say; “Life is like beads of rosary, one day it slips from your hands when you pull it. The rosary is prayer beads, the peace on the fingertips. “There are no meaningless memories. There are memories that are priceless. People want to keep the things they love and value valuable for life. With the death of my grandfather and father, cufflinks and rosaries will remain as memories and will always remind us of their stories. In fact, stories and memories are a bit of goodbye to beautiful people. Life goes on in spite of everything. Time flies like water. While there are memories that fade over time, some of them remain in our memory. No matter how much time passes, some things end, but memories stay forever…
Finally, I can say: We pass our lives by experiencing days that will never be remembered. Empty days of no value. We take turns leaving a pile of memories behind us. I wish you to collect good memories and have the best memories for you…


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