Red Cover (Swallow Cover)


“Examples of Kırman (swallow) cover in civil architecture are found especially in Bayburt and Erzurum houses. It is the ceiling covering of the tandoor house that has an important place in the houses. Wooden beams of rectangular cross-section are placed diagonally on the broken cover sitting on the square edges to form an octagon, the next row is moved inside and squared, and in this way the superimposed rising ceiling ends with a square skylight on top. The number of overlays is usually set to 5, 7 or 9.

A window has been opened in the middle of the Kirman cover for lighting and ventilation purposes. In order for the owner not to have to open and close this window by going up the chimney all the time, the window has a mechanism that opens and closes from below with a rope connected to the roller from above.”


Wood – Iron

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