Piano recital at the threshing floor


State artist pianist Gülsin Onay gave a recital in Bayburt with her piano among the scallops and wheat stalks.
State artist pianist Gülsin Onay, who participated in the ‘Harvest Festival’ organized by the Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum in Bayburt Demirözü, took the stage at the threshing floor after her concert at the museum. Onay gave a concert on the threshing floor with her piano among the wheat stalks. Drawing attention to the disappearing cultures of Anatolia and featuring the works of world-famous composers, Onay’s performance was appreciated.
Onay said that Bayburt has a very special place among classical music artists.
Onay said, “I am very excited that Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum is the museum of the year in Europe. After the award was announced, I congratulated and felt proud, on behalf of my country. I also wanted to give a concert here to contribute to my field. I would be happy if I could enrich the messages given to the world from this beautiful corner of my country with my music. If I can leave a mark on the people of Bayburt who are in love with their land and country, I will be very happy. I believe that the people of Bayburt, one of the most valuable points of Ancient Anatolian Culture, have many beauties that they can add to our country and the world. I was very impressed with the museum, they made our cultural heritage visible in a magnificent atmosphere.” Noting that they were very happy to host the artist Gülsin Onay in Bayburt, Museum Founder Kenan Yavuz thanked him and those who contributed. (DHA)


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