Our Cinema Tradition For Children Continues

We continue to offer cinema fun to children. The 250-person amphitheater at Kenan Yavuz Culture House and Ethnography Museum hosted Bayburt’s children.

After the announcements made in Beşpınar Village, especially the children of the village showed special interest in the movie show, from the center of Bayburt and the surrounding villages. Children who came to Kenan Yavuz Culture House and Ethnography Museum with their families enjoyed cinema for about 2 hours after visiting the exhibits.

Kenan Yavuz, our founder businessman, stated that one of the mission of the culture house is to offer various social and cultural alternatives to young people and children.

Noting that his aim is to make children love the land they were born in, Yavuz continued as follows:

“We are trying to create the idea that our children will be able to continue their lives here in the future. Because the charm of the big city and the modern life attract our children and young people incredibly. This attraction unfortunately causes the population to decrease gradually. This is a social problem and we must overcome this problem as a society. We must ensure that qualified and trained young people stay in their own lands after graduating from universities and do productive things in these lands. “


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