Dede Korkut Turkish Identity Library

Our library, which we built from the stones of the Bayburt region, was planned as a thematic library. Bayburt is one of the lands where the Turkish-Islamic civilization flourished in the Anatolian lands.

In our library; There are books by poets and writers of ancient Bayburt literature and mysticism as well as ideas, research, novels and children’s tales that are classics of Turkish identity.

Our library is also used as a meeting and fairy tale (hectare) room.

We wanted a tiny, even tiny, opposition to the post-modern world that turns our children into consumer robots of the mechanical world.

I used to listen to fairy tales as a child … No smartphones, no television … I didn’t have toys to play with.

Now every house has separate rooms within concrete walls. Consumption society; He said ‘make separate rooms for your children! We did. But now children are all alone in their private rooms and digital worlds …

What a fairy tale teller! Neither listener. What grown-ups remained chatting! Nor are the children kneaded lovingly on their grandfather’s knees in sleepy eyes ….

Little ones and big ones ….

All of them now spend life in front of their smartphones and televisions.

Books are sad, chats are abandoned, fairy tales are abandoned ….


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