Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum opened its doors with the ‘Weeding with Scythe Festival’.

Organized in Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum in Beşpınar village of Demirözü district of Bayburt, the “Grass Mowing Festival with Scythe” was the scene of colorful scenes.

The opening of the season in the museum, which was founded by business person Kenan Yavuz, was held with the “Weed Mowing Festival with Scythe”.

At the event attended by Yavuz and the village residents, the clover planted area in the museum garden was cut with a scythe accompanied by Bayburt folk songs.

Stating that they will sign important events during the summer season, Yavuz said that they are planning various activities related to village traditions every Sunday and they have realized the first of them.

Saying that they act with the slogans “living museum”, “return to the roots” and “let us live,” Yavuz said, “Sharing is one of the most beautiful traditions of Anatolia. For this purpose, we organized a scythe mowing festival with Bayburt folk songs. said.

Yavuz emphasized that they want to make the activities symbolizing the social and cultural life in the past alive in the minds of people and their main purpose is a stance against immigration, and continued as follows:

“Because even the village of 5 houses now has road, water and electricity. You have a 2 hour chance to reach the hospital in Istanbul. When you call here, it comes with an ambulance doctor after 10 minutes. Therefore, everything that our state can do here in terms of infrastructure has reached the top point. “There is no economic reason why it continues, because farming and animal husbandry really pay off. People here are able to work at least 10 times less than the people in the cities to achieve higher welfare.”

Pointing out that there is no reason for migration, Yavuz said, “We need farmers. We need livestock. Our biggest fear during the epidemic process was how to ensure food logistics and sustainability. This was one of the issues we all feared. So there is no reason to go to the city anymore.” he spoke.


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