Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum in Bayburt was awarded the “European Museum of the Year Silletto” award,ilc1I2xOzUuftUP4KjFpDw

Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum in Bayburt was awarded the “European Museum of the Year Silletto” award

Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum, founded by businessman Kenan Yavuz from Bayburt, was awarded the European Museum of the Year Silletto Award for 2021 by the European Museum Forum (EMF).

The culture house that businessman Kenan Yavuz established in 2013 on a total area of 15 thousand square meters, of which 4 thousand 500 square meters is closed and 10 thousand 500 square meters is open, in the village of Beşpınar, where he was born and grew up, gained the status of “Official Private Museum” in 2019.

Despite the new type of corona virus (Covid -19) epidemic, 12 thousand people visited the Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum, which was established in order to embroider the beauties that should not be changed into the social memory and to carry cultural riches to the future.

Bayburt Governor Cüneyt Epcim, who visited the museum, said that Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum received the “European Museum of the Year Silletto” award, the most important award given by EMF this year.

Stating that the museum is honored to be deemed worthy of an international award, Epcim said, “There are also special awards announced by our Ministry of Culture, but Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum received the most important museology award of the year, given this year under the auspices of the European Commission. We are proud and happy of this. We would like to announce to all of Turkey that the most prestigious award among the 6 awards given that day was given to the Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum. We welcome all citizens, culture and tourism lovers to our museum, which was deemed worthy of this important award.”

Emphasizing that the museum exhibits the living and keeping museum format in the best way, Epcim said:

“Especially the newly developing concept is experience tourism in museology. During the period when we were the chairman of the advisory board of the museum, we determined the road map of this place as a living, keeping alive and developing museum. We designed this place with the format of ‘What comes to us lives us’. We think we have succeeded in this. Here, we will set various event calendars and try to take important steps to make our museum a living, living and developing museum from now on. We want to introduce the cultural depth of Bayburt to the whole world through this museum. We show that we have been successful in this and that we have emerged with the right roadmap.”

Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum in Bayburt was awarded the “European Museum of the Year Silletto” award – 1

Governor Epcim stated that the Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum best reflects the cultural depth of not only Bayburt but also Anatolia.

Epcim pointed out that the lack of accommodation in the museum was eliminated with a good project and continued as follows:

“Our loruhan construction continues in the accommodation area. After that construction, we will bring a much more comprehensive understanding of museology here. We believe in our history and culture, especially in the historical and cultural depth of Bayburt. We want to keep this alive through our museum. We welcome our citizens, culture lovers and people of culture from all over Turkey to the ethnography museum in the village of Bayburt Beşpınar.”


AK Party Bayburt Deputy Fetani Battal said that the award is proud for the country and Bayburt.

Stating that the museum aims to present the experiences of the past to people in the size of a museum, Battal said, “We expected that he would deserve this success as someone who has closely followed the efforts of Kenan Yavuz from the past years. We are proud that this expectation has been realized this year. I congratulate my brother Kenan Yavuz on behalf of my country and Bayburt.”

Stating that the museum’s recognition has increased with the award, Battal said, “We know that this summer, the tourism flow in our country will revive even more and the people who come here will travel to the depths of history. We will be proud to be hosting in our village of Bayburt Demirözü Beşpınar, which is the basis for this.”

Kenan Yavuz, the founder of the museum, said that the most prestigious museum awards in the world were given by the European Museum Forum under the umbrella of the Council of Europe.

Expressing that they are happy to win the grand prize to Turkey for the third time after the Museum of Innocence and Baksı Museum, Yavuz said, “As Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum, we work together with the local people to produce very successful projects, one of the 6 main categories, to make cultural roots and cultural richness visible. We are happy and proud to bring the grand prize Silletto to our country, which means contributing to social and economic life by working hard.”


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