Fairy Tale Writing and Telling Competition

  • February 3 - March 22, 2020
  • Beşpınar Köyü / Demirözü / Bayburt

BAYBURT SECONDARY SCHOOL / İMAM HATİP MIDDLE SCHOOLS WRITING TALES AND TELLING COMPETITION SPECIFICATIONS Tales are indispensable for children. Children love to read fairy tales but rather to tell them. Tales are an important tool for the child to have a good time, but fairy tales in children’s education; It helps the development of imagination and open the horizon of thought. It enriches the child’s vocabulary and speeds up children’s learning of concepts. Along with these, tales arouse curiosity in the child and increase the child’s ability to establish cause-effect relationships. It helps children to understand the difficulties they face and to find solutions to these difficulties. Improves the child’s personality. Topics covered in fairy tales such as “people who live together should support each other in difficult moments and pay attention to the rules of courtesy” prepare children for the social world. The fact that fairy tale books are colorful and rich in visual elements; It helps the development of the visual aspect of the child. Apart from all these, you will have a special time for your child by reading fairy tales. Although there are common elements in tales that concern all societies in general, tales generally reflect the values, attitudes and behaviors of the society from which they come from. For this reason, we want our children to first read our own tales and get to know the tables belonging to other cultures. As Albert Einstein put it, “If you want your kids to be smart, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be smarter, read more fairy tales. ” Based on this, we decided to reunite fairy tales with our children. The main purpose of our contest is to enable children and parents to read more fairy tales, to reveal the fairy tales that are formed in their imagination based on the fairy tales children read, and to bring them together with the audience. Spreading the tradition of storytelling. 1. ORGANIZING INSTITUTION: The competition will be held under the coordination of Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum and Bayburt Provincial Directorate of National Education Basic Education Unit. 2. CONTEST SUBJECT: Constitution of Turkey, Ministry of Education principles set out in regulations regarding compliance with the general aims of Turkish National Education Basic Law, principles and so as not to contravene the objectives 3.YARIŞ the purpose of: a. To enable secondary school students to express themselves, to develop their imaginations; b. To train students who adopt, protect and develop the national, spiritual, moral, humanitarian and cultural values ​​of the Turkish Nation; c. To contribute to the development of students’ imagination and to the development of cognitive, affective and language development; D. To ensure that parents spend more productive time by taking care of their children within the framework of school-student-parent cooperation. 4. TARGET GROUP: The target audience of the competition; It consists of secondary school students studying in Bayburt Province. The Fairy Tale Writing Contest will be between Official / Private Secondary School and Imam Hatip Secondary School students. 5. PARTICIPATION CONDITIONS: • The tales written should be in accordance with the Turkish National Education aims. • The competition will be in the form of telling the fairy tale written by the students on the stage. The tale must be written by the students. (With great inspiration, tales belonging to another author will not be taken into consideration.) The responsibility for this subject will belong to the school directorates and the school evaluation commissions. Tales approved by the school-district-city commissions will be able to participate in the competition. Each school can participate with at least one and at most three works. • Universal values ​​and issues (feelings such as truthfulness, honesty, goodness, beauty, being moral, virtuous, benevolence) that concern every human being should be covered in tales. Heroes can be humans, animals, and various beings. (Witch, giant, vizier sultan, king, hu


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