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Geschichte Anhören


Work Description

It is known as a dowry chest and is used to collect and store dowries prepared for the girls who will be the bride to take to the house where the bride will go.




19th century


En: 45cm. Boy: 89cm. Height: 48cm.


“Traditionally, mothers used to start to prepare the dowry chest as soon as they give birth to a
daughter. Embroidery is prepared for the brides with a veil with strings, which are woven into
embroidery, loop-by-loop.
A dowry chest is a treasure in which sorrows, happiness, and hopes are stored.
The secret of every house, the story of every house is hidden in this chest. It is the accumulation
of memories. It is a bridge of women from the past to the future. It is a place of beauty stored for
special occasions.
It is the place where dreams are dusted, where hopes are kept under lock and key.
Happiness for girls who have come to love is a world dungeon for girls who have been forced to do
what they don’t want.
The language of the chests is the summary of the life of Anatolian woman.
The name of this chest is Leman
Shining. Leman
In her words,
I’m a little girl buried in the dark with this chest.
My father wanted me to marry before I even opened my eyes.
I’m Leman, but it’s Leman who’s not me.
My father and uncle gave me to my uncle’s son so quickly, it was just between the lighting and
putting out a cigarette.
My father gave me away ,and my uncle accepted.
It was my destiny to be buried in this chest, even though my mother wanted to prevent it.
They gave me this chest to keep my pain at my bedside.
It’s like everything was in its place in my life, they collected something, put them in. My mom put
everything she weaved in my chest.
And then they gave me my baby, and I became a mother before I even knew what had happened.
I thought I had buried my youth at the age of 16, my motherhood at the age of 19, and the pain of
adoption at the age of 25.
The story of a life consumed by a cruel husband, a life hidden from pain, hope, longing.
I have kept the story of a past life in this chest with Leman.
Oh, and I had a husband, didn’t I? The one they gave me away to between the beginning and the
end of a cigarette.
Pain, fate, and death were mine.
I hid my nightgown in this chest, where my child’s milk stain was, I smelled it, I hugged it.
This is Leman.
Leman, who is not me.”

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