Bayburt Message with Can Maral

In order to promote Bayburt and preserve its natural beauties, a video clip was made in cooperation with Kenan Yavuz Culture House and BEKDER. Folk and local artists took part in the clip shot for Bayburt’s famous folk song Can Maral. Speaking to the decision, Yavuz said that the clip was prepared in order to introduce the city, protect its natural structure, prevent migration to western cities and concreting.


With the collaboration of Bayburt Science Education Culture Association (BEKDER) and its collaboration, the song Can Maral, identified with the region, shot a clip for the song “Sing for Play Beşpınar” for Bayburt. The clip, voiced by local artists and the public, was filmed in Beşpınar village of Bayburt with 10 days of work. Saying that the clip was prepared to promote the city, protect its natural structure and prevent migration to western cities, Yavuz said “Unfortunately, there is a very unconscious approach in our villages. He is plastering his 500-year-old mansion with concrete plaster ”. Saying that the influx of young people from village to city in Bayburt is high, Yavuz said, “We want people to be satisfied where they were born and to love where they were born. Our villages have turned into ruins almost exclusively for the elderly. By building a cultural island, I worked towards revitalizing cinema, museum, social activities, queue nights and social life. “I try to draw attention to the spread of cultural life to our villages.” Yavuz said that music video works will diversify in the coming period.

The video, in which the main shootings were made at Kenan Yavuz Culture House, includes scenes from the villages, fountains, places where the queue nights and historical areas as well as the scenes surrounding the castle in Bayburt center. Most of the musicians are young musicians in the video, where local clothes are also used.


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