Şeref OğuzGazeteci, Yazar

He was born in Bayburt in 1955. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Trabzon. Oğuz graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, completed his master’s and doctorate in economics at the same university. He conducted research on “Sufficent Knowledge” at London University, started journalism in Sabah Newspaper (1970). Oğuz worked as the Director of Tercüman Newspaper Economy Service, Günaydın Newspaper Regional Newspapers Publication Responsible, Meydan Newspaper Economy Director, Milliyet Newspaper Economy Director and Channel 6 and Yeni Yüzyıl. Şeref Oğuz still continues his articles in Dünya Newspaper.

Known for his research on knowledge economy, new economy and change, Şeref Oğuz is one of the founders of Internet Society. Managing the first major Turkish newspaper Milliyet.com on the internet, Şeref Oğuz is one of the pioneers of the “Her Okula Internet” project developed for computer-aided education.

Oğuz, who bravely took a break from journalism over the years, assumed the duty of Koç Holding’s New Economy consultant in 1999. Oğuz served as Koç Holding Information Group Consultant. He gave Virtual Culture courses in Bilgi University e-MBA academic staff. National Competitiveness Research Institute, makes Turkey Intelligence Foundation Board membership. Oguz, but also Turkey Chess Federation Board of Directors members is the Internet. Şeref Oğuz was also an extra-parliamentary member of the Assembly Information Group.

Serving as a Consultant at the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), Şeref Oğuz keeps the pulse of the agenda on TRT, Habertürk, Ekotürk, BloombergHT, NTV, Kanal24 channels.


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