Selin Bozkurtİyilik İçin Sanat Derneği Başkanı

After completing the Department of Foreign Trade and Business affiliated to Istanbul University Faculty of International Relations, he studied Marketing in Cambridge.

During his 25 years of business life, he became an entrepreneur and manager in the fields of tourism, headhunting and management consultancy, food and beverage industry. He has been working in the field of communication consultancy for the last 15 years. He is among the founding partners of the Manifesto.

Due to his interest in art, travel, gastronomy and new countries, he has traveled to 61 countries and developed business with some of them.

It attaches importance to the works of non-governmental organizations and network management. He is the President of the Art Association for Good, a member of the Yıldız Palace Foundation and the Board of Klasiss Golf & Country Club, the Mika-Der (Hand in Hand with Little Hearts) Association, GİSP (Real Estate Strategic Communication Platform) and Soho House.


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