Work Description

The sandal, which is the symbol of poverty and poverty, gets hard when it sees the sun, when it gets hard, it tightens the feet and especially the feet of the farmers working in the fields always get sores…

They used to bury them in the ground in the evening, so that they would not soften and bore the feet. When worn in the morning, it can be worn comfortably with the moisture of being in the soil until the morning, after a few hours, it turns into a torture when it dries out with the effect of the sun.

Then came the rubber shoes. Those with slightly better financial conditions started to wear rubber shoes, while the poor continued to wear ÇARIK…




20th century


It is a shoe made of animal skin. Especially on summer days, when it dries up when it sees the sun, it squeezes the feet and leaves them in a scar. It is buried in the soil at night to try to soften it, but it becomes very difficult to use because it dries again in the middle of the day.

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