Village House

When we left our villages and went to the city, we made some money. Then; We came to visit our villages to gain superiority. Some of us also built the city’s crooked and soulless concrete buildings for their villages to stay on summer holidays.

Those who stayed in the village because they could not go to the city were demolished their village houses and buried in concrete, in proportion to the people in the city.

No village left, no fountain

Neither mansion nor house remained ….

We destroyed the henna stone and carried concrete from the cities to our villages …

Stone and soil signifies home poverty, concrete signifies wealth!

Concrete was the apocalypse of our villages …

Grandpa and Grandma

Şamil and Münevver …

My mother and my father

Alime and Mecit

Eight (8) my aunt

My sister and my brothers …

I was born and raised in this house.

The voices of my aunts who love to “be sacrificed” are in my ears …

My grandmother who says “Thank God to create you” is in my dreams …

At the beginning of the tandoor, I remember my mother’s warm embrace, which I pretended to sleep for my mother to carry and carried to my bed.

The voice of my grandfather saying “Come on and get up in the afternoon” before the sun rises, the loving gaze of my beautiful father waiting for me, who has prepared the ox cart to go to the field, lives in my longing.

I wanted that Let our house move to centuries later.

Set as an example and let only one village house remain in the future world …

Who knows, maybe our grandchildren will break down these ugly and soulless concrete piles.

They rebuild our villages ….


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