Traditional Bazaar

Humanity is disappearing by transforming into robots that consume in huge shopping malls, markets, stores and streets of cities.

Whereas, there were groceries in our neighborhood, our family tailor and cobbler in the past. We all knew each other, we could shop without money in our pockets. Those tiny shops were also the places for conversation.

The modern world has transformed humans into an consuming monster.

Our museum was established to be the place of those who want to get rid of the gears of the modern world.

Our bazaar, which we created to bring our warm places to the agenda and to emphasize the virtue of small tradesmen and professionals, has become one of our favorite places for our visitors.

We must resist not to crush our beauties, which should not change, to the mechanical world.

The modern world is not a way of life to be taken seriously. Because there is no human in that world.

The world, where only things exist, could not and did not bring people together with happiness.

It’s time to meet our roots…


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