In 1848, a golden rush started in California, America, and hundreds of thousands of people left their land and ran to the state of California with the dream of finding gold. While hundreds of thousands of people who left their lands and homes for gold perished, those who came to look for gold became rich who sold materials, equipment and land.

In Turkey began in the 1950s, “the Istanbul paved with gold” period.

Millions of people grabbed their beds and quilts and rushed to Istanbul and other big cities. We gifted a new concept to the world literature “shanty house” from our country.

Not to live on treasure lands overnight! Slums were built to shelter and own the treasury land.

The slum period transformed villages, neighbors, relatives, folk songs, weddings, conversations, conversations, family traditions, everything but everything.

It was crushed ….

A class of millions of people with no identity was formed, neither peasant nor urban.

The flow from village to city, a society that could not do it in a planned way with education and development, when they rushed to Gold, gave birth to a freak class.

The shanty we built for our museum; Next to our village house, going back represents the transition from the big family to the broken family.

Transformation; It represents millions of people of a society that cannot do with education and technology, who perish with the dream of becoming rich.

Those who set out as Istanbul’s stone and soil is gold

Thanks to the slums they built on treasury lands, that is, on lands that do not belong to them, they acquired apartments.

So they found gold …

However, they disappeared in dark streets, musty-smelling apartments, and crowds that did not even have neighbors to say hello …

The houses of the city are very close to each other, thousands of people entering their houses through a single door …

However, people are very distant from each other.

As Master Necip Fazıl said,

Because of proximity, intimacy that flew away …..

We adapted the linseed oil stone from hundreds of years ago to the mill we built by simulating it.


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