Our children and young people want to live in metropolises. The sparkling lights of the city are attractive to them. They leave the land they were born in and leave our villages for the sake of living in the dark corridors of the city, in the streets where the sky is not visible.

In the past, there was no road, no electricity, no water, the roads could not be walked from mud, and above all because of the large population, the lands were not enough for the people on which they feed.

What about now?

There is a road, electricity, water, schools, hospitals and even a university. Moreover, because the population is very low, the lands are empty …

Our fields are sad, our highlands are desolate …

Despite all of these, why are our unemployed youth, especially our young girls, who are not well educated, still want to go to metropolises?

I asked the children of my village why Istanbul? Why the city?

They said no cinema, no theater ….

I said if I did, would they stay?

I do not know! Maybe we did it to stay …


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