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Loru KHan


“The old name of Beşpınar Village, where our museum is established, is Loru. Loru Han was made to bring together the person objectified by the modern world with himself. It was built not only to listen to the beauties of Anatolia, but also to live. You will meet our ancient culture with traditional han architecture where stone and wood meet. All rooms of our facility, which was established with the mission of being a pioneer of experience and cultural tourism, have been designed as traditional village mansions. Our restaurant serves a menu of original samples of Bayburt and Anatolian cuisine. Loru Han guests are sure to meet with an event and have the opportunity to experience the past examples of social life today.
It was built using 5,000 tons of stone collected from ruined sites in our villages. It is the only building in Turkey built with rubble stone for 100 years and is the first ethnographic museum hotel in Turkey.”

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