Student and Children’s Festival in our Museum

  • June 1, 2020
  • Beşpınar Köyü / Demirözü / Bayburt

With the protocol we signed with our Bayburt Governor Mr. Cüneyt Epcim and our Director of National Education Mr. Cengiz Karakaşoğlu on Tuesday, September 1, 2019, we committed to organizing a student and children’s festival in our museum. We will strive to attract our children, whom the digital world is trying to enslave, to social life, to bring them together with the essence of our national and spiritual culture, to develop their writing, speaking and thinking skills. We cannot leave our young people, whom the modern world wants to individualize and turn into a mechanical consumption tool, into this ruthless wheel. We wish to contribute to this little resistance we will realize in our museum.


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