“Çinimaçin Çini” Exhibition will inspire architectural projects

  • July 24 - April 18, 2024
  • Beşpınar Köyü / Demirözü / Bayburt

As part of the 25th International Dede Korkut Culture and Art Festivals, the “Çinimaçin Tile” exhibition was opened at the Kenan Yavuz Culture House and Ethnography Museum. Kenan Yavuz, Founder of the Cultural House and Ethnography Museum, Kenan Yavuz, who made the opening speech of the event held with the participation of Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan, Mayor Hükmü Pekmezci and guests, said that the exhibition, which aims to bring Bayburt’s unique tiles to the agenda, will meet new projects and architectural applications that will bring the tiles and Bayburt stones together in the future. He noted that it is important for inspiration. Yavuz made the following statements in his speech: “We aimed to transfer the traditional texture and life of our Anatolia to future generations with a local stance. Undoubtedly, one of the most important cultural codes that enabled the Turkish-Islamic civilization to flourish in Anatolian lands is the Dede Korkut tales. With our Çinimaçin-Çini exhibition, which we planned as a part of our Dede Korkut festival, which is traditionally celebrated by the Governorship of Bayburt and our municipality, we brought together 210 special tiles produced by the Iznik Foundation with Seljuk and Ottoman motifs. Our exhibition, which aims to bring to the agenda the unique tiles of our Bayburt Castle, known as the Tiled Castle in the world, the Great Mosque, Forty Fountains, Bedesten, which are important Seljuk artifacts, will inspire new projects and architectural applications that will bring the tiles and Bayburt stones to the agenda, it is a beautiful place for our ancient city Bayburt. It will create atmosphere. We are the children of the rose civilization, we have to convey the great contributions of our ancestors to the rose civilization to our future generations and to keep the ancestors alive. If we can protect what should not change, we can manage everything that needs to change without breaking and spilling. It is my greatest wish that this small museum and culture stop will be a small contribution to my village and hometown where I was born and raised, and to leave a pleasant voice to future generations with my family and my supportive friends. ” Mayor of Bayburt Hükmü Pekmezci thanked businessman Kenan Yavuz for the values ​​he added to the city in his speech and stated that the Çinimaçin Tile exhibition emphasizes an important connection with Bayburt’s past, Kenan Yavuz Culture House and Ethnography Museum, which introduced the past to future generations He noted that he has undertaken an important mission for Turkey and accomplished it successfully. Governor Hamza Pehlivan, who was appointed as the Governor of Şırnak, said in his speech that he left Bayburt with good feelings and that he attended all the activities of Kenan Yavuz Culture House and Ethnography Museum with great happiness during his stay in Bayburt, and that all activities contained messages appropriate to the historical and cultural texture of Bayburt. . Governor Pehlivan stated that Çinimaçin Tile exhibition will serve as an example for the tiles of Bayburt Castle, which will be completed soon. Following the ribbon cutting, businessman Kenan Yavuz gave information about the exhibits to the guests. Baglama Virtuoso Çetin Akdeniz concert Later, a concert was held at Kenan Yavuz Culture House and Ethnography Museum. Haliç University Conservatory Faculty Member Çetin Akdeniz and his team took the stage. Beautiful Anatolian folk songs, each more beautiful than the other, were sung on the night where the Akdeniz made his baglama talk. The event, in which pleasant moments were experienced, attracted great attention. Various treats were also offered to the guests.


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