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Candy Crushing Equipment Sugar Cutting Scissors and Apparatus

Work Description

The tool, which has a wooden sugar bowl and metal parts, is three-piece. There is a protruding belly in the middle of the boat.




20th century


Length: 20cm. Width: 15cm.


“Cutting sugar, known as Erzurum sugar, is quite hard and can only be broken down into small
particles with a pair of scissors. The sugar – due to its structure and texture melts slower in the
mouth as well as when mixed in the cup compared to the granulated sugar popularly used today.
Erzurum sugar – divided into smaller pieces is carefully placed under the tongue, ensuring the
shortest contact with the sugar while sipping tea so that it does not melt quickly. The taste that will
ooze from under the tongue, meets with tea and is quickly sipped. You should not keep tea in your
mouth for a long time; the dexterity of sipping it quickly will give you the luxury of drinking more
tea with the same piece of sugar before the tea in the cup gets cold.”

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