Amphitheater Cinema


“Our children and young people want to live in metropolises. The shimmering lights of the city are tempting. They leave their native land, our villages, for the sake of living in the dark alleys of the city, on the streets where the sky is invisible.

Previously, there were no roads, there was no electricity, there was no water, the roads were inaccessible from mud, and first of all, because the population was very large, it was not enough for the people it fed on the land.

Now what?

There is a road, there is electricity, there is water, there is a school, there is a hospital, and there is even a university. Moreover, the land is empty because the population is very small.

Our fields are sad, our highlands are deserted.

So, despite all this, why do our unprofessional young people, especially our young girls, who have not received a very good education, still want to go to the metropolises?

I asked the children of my village, why Istanbul, why the city.

They said no cinema, no theater.

If I did, would they stay?

I don’t know! We did it in case they stayed.


Metal – Glass

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