“Living and Living Museum” Opens Summer Season

Bayburt Post – Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum opened the summer season with a scythe and clover cutting activity. In the event attended by the founder of the museum, Kenan Yavuz, and citizens from the village, the area created in the museum garden was cut with a scythe. In the event where folk songs and their stories were told, meals cooked in the tandoori in the museum were served to the guests. In addition, folk songs were sung at the beginning of the tandoor, and experiences were voiced. The event was broadcast live from social media accounts. Kenan Yavuz, the founder of the museum, stated that they will carry out important events during the summer season, and that they are planning various events related to village traditions every Sunday and that they are the first of them.
“We invite those who want to meet with their roots to our museum” Yavuz said in his statement at the event, “From the ancient lands of Anatolia, Bayburt, from the land of Dede Korkut, Poet Zihni, Ağlar Baba, Aşık Hicrani, Dede Pasha. We organize a scythe and clover harvesting event in our museum. “He determined the museum concept. Those who come to us live and return to their roots. We invite those who want to meet with their roots.”

“We say that the sadness of these lands must come to an end” Yavuz, in his speech emphasizing the phenomenon of immigration, said, “We left the mountains of Bayburt, there was no job, no electricity, no road, no school, lots of population, land. We are trying to revive these places now, we want that. “Stop this immigration anymore, let the new generation not live through what we have experienced. Because there is everything in these lands. There is a university 25 minutes away. Our state has carried the infrastructure to everywhere. For this, we now say that everyone should get enough in their birthplace and the sadness of these lands should end.” Yavuz added that they will organize events in accordance with the museum concept that lives with a different event every Sunday in the museum.


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